Early last Monday morning, as I was getting in the car to head to work, my three favourite neighbours, the cutest kids in town, yelled across the street in unison, “Happy birthday, Kelly!” Adorable.


A long-standing mystery for me has recently been solved. I understand why people love gardening. I get it now. I truly do. It’s so simple that I cannot believe I’ve missed it all this time, when the answers were growing around me all along. Gardening is its own reward.


The two most important men in my life are my father, Gary, and my husband, the Carpenter. These two men have a lot in common, despite being from different generations.


You’ll be relieved to know that the Carpenter did return home from the Elora waste facility last Saturday, which, as I explained last week, was not something I was certain would happen because that is his sacred place.


It is said if you love something, you have to let it go. If it comes back to you, then it was yours all along, but if it doesn’t return, it was never yours in the first place.

Walk with me

Hands up if the thought of wearing shorts frightens you more than the idea of going to the grocery store without a mask. I see you over there waving. We understand each other. Remember, there is safety in numbers.