One down

My first vaccination is complete. In ways I didn’t anticipate, the moment brought forward a full range of emotions and all of them centred on gratitude. Grateful to be alive. Grateful to be healthy. Grateful to have access to the vaccine. Grateful I didn’t pass out (not a big fan of needles, guys).


It had been happening for days. I would let the dog and cats out into the backyard and they’d head straight for the bench located at the back of the garage. Noses down, they’d pace about. The dog would bark at nothing. The cats would jump on the bench, tails swinging back and forth like a metronome


I apologize to you all for that snow in this week’s forecast. Totally my fault. I got my snow tires off a few weeks ago, so it was likely Kelly karma. I jumped the gun.(I also put the snow shovel in the shed too, so yeah, guilty). 


The announcement of another lockdown, talk of new COVID-19 variants, bad news close to home, another family holiday dinner cancelled, missing my college kid far from home and the realization that the Easter Bunny forgot my Cadbury Crème Egg this year, was a lot to take in on Sunday morning.

Sir Andrew

Amongst the menagerie of pets in my home is a rabbit who takes up a fairly significant amount of square footage in my living room. I bet you are judging me right now. Who lets a rabbit hop around their living room? Me, that’s who.