Spirit of radio

One of the greatest legacies a person can leave in their beloved profession is to be a mentor for those new to the trade, who are well aware of the shadow cast by the giants who paved the way before them. Better still is if those mentors have giant hearts.


Marriage is hard. Working in a business together is harder. You both have to pick up sticks, but under no circumstances can you whack each other with them, even if you want to (visualization helps).


At a time when I was on the precipice of a big life decision, a friend gave me this advice: ask yourself what guidance you would give your child if they were in your situation. Then, do that.

Bluetooth speaker

I couldn’t find my Bluetooth speaker anywhere. It must still be packed in a box from the recent move of the contents of our home from our neighbourhood in town to our move to the country on the outskirts of the same town.