When the Carpenter and I first arrived in Wellington County 21 years ago, we settled in Fergus. The only thing we knew about that town was that it was home to the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games. That event was famous. 


I have a secret I’ve been keeping for years, many years, and I feel like it’s time I just share it with you all. You should probably sit down for this one. It may change us both, forever. 


My Carpenter is in the third week of a union strike, in conjunction with other construction trades in Toronto. Hopefully, by the time you read this, his union will follow suit with the operators and labour unions who have settled, and everyone can get back to work.

Queen Victoria

The Victoria Day long weekend is fundamental to our Canadian culture. It has been synonymous with fun since 1845, when the Canadian government decided we should celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday on May 24.