Shop class

The announcement that Grade 9 and 10 students in Ontario will require one mandatory shop class is good news indeed.

Avoiding the issue

Wellington County councillors made a perplexing decision at their Feb. 23 meeting when they voted down a proposal to hold a discussion on the possibility of moving the county seat to a location actually within the county.

Choose peace

During a particularly raucous weekend I recall a frantic call from editorial staff. It happens in this line of work.

Quite the cartoon

Before this day and age, where every show imaginable is on demand, cartoons and kid shows were a Saturday morning routine for many. Oddly, shows from our youth still get airtime.

Resist the urge

According to Caledon OPP it wasn’t that late at night when a motorist pulled up in an Audi sedan to offer assistance to a driver who appeared to be having car troubles.