Please get vaccinated ASAP

Ironically, the same crowd that downplayed COVID-19 because it “only” affected about three per cent of Canadians and “only” killed about 0.7% is now somehow extremely concerned about their 0.018% chance of having an adverse reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine.

Some ox

Declared stuck in the past and suffering from antiquated thinking, memories of a mentor years back came to mind.

Why cancel Canada Day?

There has been great debate about whether Canada Day celebrations should be something that happen this year, in light of the recent revelations involving the recovery of the bodies of more than 1,000 Indigenous children who have been missing.

Obviously out of step

A unanimous vote in Centre Wellington is almost cause for a news story itself. How the issue of bike lanes on Highway 6 (St. David Street North) in Fergus became a galvanizing force for a council that couldn’t even pass an agenda weeks earlier is a mystery in itself.