Live and let live

As I sat in the waiting room at my doctor’s office last week, a man entered who appeared to be intoxicated. Within seconds, he started spouting off to complete strangers about “the gays” and how he personally felt slighted that straight people didn’t have their own “flag.”

Horrible options

The next federal election is scheduled for October of 2025, but based on the current political discourse in Canada, you’d think it was around the corner.

Police at it again

Already under the microscope due to a public perception problem and a rapidly decaying relationship with the media, you’d think the local police would find a way to stay out of the news for a while. 

A Simple Fix

A few Wellington Advertiser employees were a bit perturbed to hear several Police Services Board (PSB) members denigrate this newspaper – or at least its reach and following – at last week’s PSB meeting.

JD Hogarth teacher facing child pornography charges

FERGUS – A teacher at JD Hogarth Public School here is facing child pornography charges. Darwin Charles Harrison, 38, of Guelph, was arrested on April 6 and charged with possessing child pornography, making child pornography available and accessing child pornography.