Snap of the fingers

If only life were that easy – a quick snap and problem solved. Unfortunately, life in the real world doesn’t work that way. Never has, never will.

Bye bye

It’s like old times at the office this Thanksgiving weekend, almost. An old clock ticks away and it feels like the wee hours of a deadline morning over 40 years ago.

Recognizing National Newspaper Week

In 1944 thousands of brave men of my grandfather’s generation stormed the beaches of Normandy in the name of freedom. Fast forward 77 years, and antivaxxers are storming food courts and protesting outside hospitals. It’s as if we are living in some sort of alternative timeline.

It’s in your hands

For anyone watching the news, scrolling through social media feeds or reading a newspaper, chances are the phrase Truth and Reconciliation will sound familiar.

Lap it up

Canadians are heading into another long weekend and we hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy balmy…

Please get vaccinated ASAP

Ironically, the same crowd that downplayed COVID-19 because it “only” affected about three per cent of Canadians and “only” killed about 0.7% is now somehow extremely concerned about their 0.018% chance of having an adverse reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine.