Have fun – but not too much fun

The way holidays fell this year, many companies have closed up shop this week. 

This is great for a bit of downtime, particularly after a very busy fall for many businesses. Giving employees and themselves a chance to breathe is good. 

During that break there will be merriment and visiting, which leads to this seasonal warning.

The forecast at the time of this writing suggests a generational storm is on the way. Time will only tell on that score, but this time of year no one knows exactly what the weather will bring. 

Caution on that front is always in order.

With busier roads comes the potential for accidents. Add in the dangerous practice of driving while impaired and there is serious risk of harm to themselves and others. 

At this time of year we should also not forget emergency responders, who have far better and safer things to do than handle avoidable calls.

Let’s make this a holiday season where everyone has fun, gets home safe and lives to tell the tale in 2023