Sacred space

Sometimes you just need someone to listen, to witness whatever cloud is hovering over your head and help you clear it out. Not solve or fix, or repair. Just listen. Bear witness. Then allow you to return the favour. The strongest friendships are rooted in trust.


I woke up early on Saturday, though admittedly not as early as the Carpenter. He needs to greet the sun. I need to slowly slip into the day. But I love that he leaves me freshly brewed coffee.


I always wanted an Old English Sheepdog because Paul McCartney had one named Martha. It doesn’t get any cooler than being Paul McCartney’s dog, I surmised, except to have a dog just like it.

One down

My first vaccination is complete. In ways I didn’t anticipate, the moment brought forward a full range of emotions and all of them centred on gratitude. Grateful to be alive. Grateful to be healthy. Grateful to have access to the vaccine. Grateful I didn’t pass out (not a big fan of needles, guys).


It had been happening for days. I would let the dog and cats out into the backyard and they’d head straight for the bench located at the back of the garage. Noses down, they’d pace about. The dog would bark at nothing. The cats would jump on the bench, tails swinging back and forth like a metronome


I apologize to you all for that snow in this week’s forecast. Totally my fault. I got my snow tires off a few weeks ago, so it was likely Kelly karma. I jumped the gun.(I also put the snow shovel in the shed too, so yeah, guilty).