All choked up

Despite the great news that a measure of normalcy is returning in Ontario, we heard more “excuse me(s)” in recent days than at any point in the last two years.

It’s up to Canadians

Out-of-town colleagues settled in the boardroom here at work for a quick meeting. After some pleasantries they made a point of marvelling at last week’s paper – the size, the extent of coverage and the appearance of a healthy business community.


News that our county library system will be adopting a no-fine culture for overdue material isn’t earth-shattering news. It does however offer a glimpse into emerging attitudes on public resources.

Too much pride

Whenever sad tales emerge, those closest to the scene might suggest pride was a factor. And no, we aren’t talking about conceit or arrogance – it is that other pride,  where people may just be too proud to ask for help.