April 22

April 22 is one significant date on the calendar easily remembered.

The month of April was often the start of conference season in our industry. The last couple of years have been very quiet obviously, but before that it always signaled spring and an ensuing race to be home for dad’s birthday (April 22). He would have turned 87 this year.

This was also the day one of our longtime sales reps passed. Mac Mason, legendary lacrosse player, coach and manager, comes to mind each Earth Day (April 22).

Along with those remembrances Earth Day is celebrated the same day. It started in 1970 as a day to bring awareness and education to environmental issues. That process continues.

Over 50 years since its inception there has been some headway on the environmental front. Through those decades there is a better appreciation of the circle of life and how human activity can either aid or harm the natural environment.

Debate remains on the success and timing of that progress. What we do know and suspect most Canadians will agree with, is that we can all have a less detrimental impact on the world we leave future generations. It is clearly a choice.

Positive actions include conservation, whether it be consumption of water or natural resources. We can plant trees and protect waterways. Canadians can also volunteer to help community groups tackle littering or even educate others on the merits of reducing waste.

Our shopping habits can improve as well, choosing sustainable products for home and work rather than single-use items that find their way into the landfill. Walking, biking or combining trips to save fuel are also wise choices.

This Earth Day, smell the flowers, enjoy a walk and make a pledge to be kinder to nature in your neighbourhood and community. 

Every step makes a difference.