High finance

It could be an age thing, but has anyone else noticed how easily millions and billions slip off the tongue these days?  

It is what it is

A few weeks back a supplier contacted us to say change was coming. The plant where the Advertiser and Community News get printed each week would be closing. 

All choked up

Despite the great news that a measure of normalcy is returning in Ontario, we heard more “excuse me(s)” in recent days than at any point in the last two years.

It’s up to Canadians

Out-of-town colleagues settled in the boardroom here at work for a quick meeting. After some pleasantries they made a point of marvelling at last week’s paper – the size, the extent of coverage and the appearance of a healthy business community.


News that our county library system will be adopting a no-fine culture for overdue material isn’t earth-shattering news. It does however offer a glimpse into emerging attitudes on public resources.