You have arrived

As the GPS, standard in most cars and smart phones completes its directions and a vehicle pulls up to the address a cheery maiden announces, “You have arrived.”

Time to grow up

Our impulse control is clearly not in check this morning, so please excuse the rant on a subject that has been our passion for closing in on four decades.

Something must change

One didn’t need to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos this month to understand something is wrong with how the economy works for the vast majority of people.

Happy New Year

2024 is the year for you to do you. That might sound a little selfish, but from what we have seen in recent days, the world is a better place for those who do their level best for others.

Seven hundred more

The number assigned to increased grocery costs for the average family of four next year is $702. If times weren’t difficult enough, Canadians will likely see another chunk of a week’s wages heading to basic needs.