Important people

Everyone has a calling and those called to be a nurse have a special gift indeed.

Recognizing that did not take long when the pandemic began. These essential workers were at the forefront of the hardships that have taken place in the last two years.

Colleagues and friends have nurses in their family and we remain quite proud that our twins began their career when COVID-19 hit. There was nary a whimper or an instance of needing a day off. Instead, there was a job to do and patients relying on care. Off into the night or greeting the sunrise, nurses meet the needs of others.

One of the more striking aspects during the pandemic were the number of nurses who contracted COVID themselves. 

In our small circle of acquaintances, some have tested positive more than once and another kind soul counts herself as a long-hauler. She has mostly recovered but still battles fatigue, often finds herself out of breath and doesn’t have the same stamina.

The risk associated with this line of work has been incalculable. It was disappointing to see a less than nominal increase when wage discussions surfaced. Bill 124 limited wage increases to a maximum of 1% per year, under the assumption then-current wages were already inflated or sufficient. 

Despite that slight, nurses kept the faith with patients and their colleagues.

In the week ahead – National Nursing Week is May 9 to 15 – please make a point of reaching out to the nurses you know and offer up a big thanks for a job few can do. 

While at that, celebrate PSWs as well, who capably aid nurses in their role.

Nurses are important people. 

Thank you.