Police release county RIDE results

Despite continued warnings that the OPP would be as visible as ever during their Festive RIDE campaign, police say they are disappointed the number of Ontario motorists charged with impaired driving over the holidays increased.

The local results in Wellington County were no different, said Inspector Scott Lawson.

“We had hoped that public education would have contributed to a different result,” he added.

This year’s Wellington County Festive RIDE campaign was in effect from Nov. 28 to Jan. 5, with three county OPP members assigned to the initiative.

Over the six-week period 10,785 vehicles were stopped and 441 drivers were administered roadside screening device tests, meaning police had reason to suspect that one in every 24 vehicles stopped had a driver that consumed alcohol.

The following statistics are the results of the local campaign:

– 25 charges for driving with more than 80mg of alcohol per 100mL of blood in the system, impaired driving and refusing to provide a breath sample;

– 21 Controlled Drugs and Substance Act charges;

– 53 three-day licence suspensions (warn range);

– four seven-day licence suspensions (resulting from a second warn range suspension;

– zero 30-day licence suspensions (resulting from a third warn range suspension);

– 15 novice driver licence suspensions (24 hours); and

–  14 Liquor Licence Act charges.

Wellington County OPP officials say that in 2013, they will be committed to high visibility, public education and continued RIDE programs to ensure the county “is a safe place to live and drive.”