Police offer tips to avoid being a victim

GUELPH – ’Tis the season for car thieves to make people’s Christmas miserable.

The Guelph City Police have issued some tips for drivers to protect themselves.

Constable Michael Gatto said thefts from vehicles are always a concern, but during the holidays people tend to leave cars and belongings more vulnerable. Here are some suggestions:

– Always lock vehicles even for a short time.

– Never hide a spare key in or in the vehicle.

– Park in high-traffic, well-lighted areas, when possible.

– Do not leave the keys in the ignition or leave a vehicle running, not even for a “minute.” The are commonly stolen at places like convenience stores, gas stations, ATMs.

– Close car windows completely when parking. Don’t make it any easier for the thief.

– If a garage is available, use it rather than parking outside where the vehicle is more vulnerable.

– Keep belongings out of sight if the must remain in the car during a shopping trip.