Minto celebrates its heritage

On Oct. 23 and 24 the Town of Minto, through its heritage working group, will hold two heritage events.

The working group was formed by council, for two purposes: to gauge the level of interest from residents in heritage (built, cultural or natural) and to make a recommendation to council if there should be a heritage advisory committee.

Over the summer, the group met with a focus on the first purpose.

“Listening to and recording the stories about Minto’s history is significant to the future directions of the municipality. Having residents tell their stories builds a connection leading to the protection of the town’s past,” said Mayor David Anderson. “Recognizing its heritage is a strategic initiative of the municipality which will assist in creating a unique family destination.”

On Oct. 23 from 7 to 9pm, Stephen Thorning, a well known historian and columnist for the Wellington Advertiser, will speak in the Old Town Hall Theatre in Harriston. He will provide stories on the four former municipalities and then be available for questions. If time permits, other residents can provide their mem­ories on the history Thorn­ing will offer.

On Oct. 24, a full-day storytelling event, Telling Tales: Sharing Minto’s Stories will be held at four different venues throughout the town. Special local storytellers will start each event. Residents will have an opportunity to describe items of personal historical interest that they can bring, or tell stories about the history of the town. Attendees will then travel on their own to the other venues.

The event will be held in  Palmerston at the Norgan Theatre (from 9:30am to 10:30am), Harriston at the Old Town Hall Theatre (11am to noon), Clifford community centre (12:30pm for lunch, and storytelling from 1pm to 2pm) and the Drew community centre (2:30 to 3:30pm), respectively.

Storytellers include Bob Logan, Bob McEachern, Val Harrison, Grant Mackenzie, and Bonnie Whitehead.

Interested residents will need to register in advance with the town. To register, call Peg Schieck at the town office at 519-338-2511. There is no charge to participate in either of the events; donations to the food banks are encouraged.