Faces of Farming calendar now available

John Maaskant, the chairman of the Ontario Farm Animal Council recently unveiled the third annual calendar that cele­brates the hard work, dedi­cation and values of Ontario’s farming community.
The cal­en­dar is a showcase of the changing image of today’s farmer,” said Maaskant. “Today’s farmers are not your grandfather’s generation of farm­er.”
The unveiling, held at Guelph’s Ontario Agri-Centre and introduced 19 farmers who were chosen to represent each month.
“Many people are surprised at what today’s farmers look like, and what kind of farming we are committed to,” said dairy farmer Peter Ruiter, of Ottawa, one of the calendar’s participants.
“We farm differently today than in the past”, said Kristin Ego MacPhail, another partici­pant and market garden and nursery stock farmer from Coldwater.
“We care passion­ately about the environment, have many skills and talents, are active in our communities – yet we all still maintain that important connection with our families and the land.”
Dairy Farmers Matt and Jill Dann from Palmerston represent the month of June.
The calendar shows the diverse nature of Ontario agri­culture. When they are not farm­ing, the participants are active in their communities as coaches and enthusiasts, 4-H leaders, church volunteers, musi­cians and agricultural am­bas­sadors. Participants come from across the province repre­senting 11 types of livestock and crop  farms.
“These are truly real farmers with real heart,” added Maaskant. “These farmers, this calendar, and this event are a true celebration of the kind of people that are involved in farming 365 days of the year.”
The farm council is the voice for animal agriculture, representing 40,000 livestock and poultry farmers, associa­tions and businesses.