Connections bring barbecue to Habitat recipients

Arthur – A Guelph area woman’s intuitive thinking helped win a barbecue which she is donated to the recipients of the Arthur’s Habitat for Humanity build.

Frustrated with searching online for protein powder for her sons and then having to worry about the delivery pro­cess because she was leaving for Australia in two days, she decided to stop into a health and nutrition store to make the purchase. 

Sandher’s first inclination was to drive to Guelph, but intuitively, she turned the car around and drove to Water­down, where she used to live, and shopped at The Vitamin Store.

After making her purchase, the store manager suggested she complete the ballot for the barbecue contest.

Sandher’s initially thought was she already had a great barbecue, but the next thought that popped into her head was “Give it away. I instantly knew where I would donate the prize if I won.”

Earlier in the year, she had read the Wellington Advertis­er’s coverage of the Habitat for Humanity build in Arthur and of the family who would be the recipients.

Sandher said she filled out the ballot and told the store manager, “I’m off to Australia; however, my son’s or my husband will come and pickup the barbecue while I am away. We both laughed and I left the store without thinking about the prize again.”

When she returned from Australia, her family advised her she had won and the woman at the store remembered her comments.

For her, the moral of the story is, often people do not need the prizes or gifts; however others do. 

She asked others to consider the thought, “Why not enter contests and give the prizes away to others who would really appreciate them. Declare it aloud and see what happens.  Simply by filling in a ballot and listening to heartificial Intelli­gence (the quiet inner voice) I received so much fun and joy, and now I look forward to giving away the prize.”

Sandher lives near Guelph and is Chief Expansion Officer of United StarMinds Inter­national. She said she sees connections and said she and Habitat Home recipient Shelley Clarke share a lot of the same ideas.

Sandher also is a believer in positive attitudes. “The more you believe in something work­ing in life, the better it becomes.” She cited the “idea of entering a contest … for someone else.”