What’s ‘attainable’ housing? Depends where you live

MINTO – What does “attainable” housing really mean? Depends where you live, Minto council members agree.

At the May 7 council meeting, economic and business manger Belinda Wick-Graham reported on recent discussions on the topic from an economic development committee meeting.

The report noted the  County of Wellington has hired a consultant for the development of an attainable housing strategy that will look at alternative housing options, home sharing and other ideas in an effort to develop housing options under $400,000 in the county.

“I feel like when we’re looking for attainable housing for homes under $400,0000 we’re really missing the mark,” commented councillor Judy Dirksen.

“That’s the county’s thing, but we have made it very much a message to them that $400,000 is not attainable in Minto. It might be attainable in Puslinch, but here in Minto two people working at TG Minto cannot find a house. They need to have something at $300,000 max and you go on MLS and you can’t get anything.”

Wick-Graham said county officials are aware of the differences in housing affordability levels within the county.

“They’re aware of it being different from the north to south for sure,” she explained.

Mayor George Bridge commented he was pleased to see the consultant hired by the county for the study is from Huron County “and he knows Minto as well.”

“We all know that it’s an issue .. and we are working on a county-wide attainable housing strategy. We’re part of it. There will be engagement in our community,” said Wick-Graham.

“Sounds like we may have to think outside the box for sure,” said Dirksen.