Unlicenced transient traders declared unwelcome in township

It may be the season of goodwill to all men  … but here it excludes unlicenced, transient traders.
Well­ington North council is­sued an advisory noting the township’s requirement for licences for all transient trad­ers, hawkers, and peddlers as well as owners of vehicles used for the sale of refreshments.
Those operating without a license may face fines of up to $5,000. Council’s advisory said such businesses do not pay any business or other taxes and income or profits earned do not benefit the community and takes away revenue from businesses that do pay taxes and who employ local residents.
To ensure unlicenc­ed vendors do not operate, residents are asked to watch for signs of illegal vending. Those include:
– if someone requests to sell goods from premises, or is selling goods from sidewalks or parking lots, ask to see a copy of their licence issued by the township. The township bylaw requires that individuals show that licence upon request;
– The township asked if no licence is produced, ask that the sellers remove all their goods and materials from the premises; and
– report any problems to the township bylaw enforcement officer, at 519-848-3620.