Town offers letter of support for Bill 156

MINTO – Town council added Minto’s voice to support for Bill 156, the Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act.

At the Feb. 18 meeting, council received a letter from Wellington Federation of Agriculture (WFA) president Janet Harrop seeking municipal support for the bill.

“Ontario farms have increasingly come under threat of unwanted trespassers and activists who are illegally entering property, barns and buildings, seizing private property and threatening the health and safety of the farm, employees, livestock and crops.”

Harrop explained Bill 156 aims to protect Ontario farm animals, farms, farmers and their families, and the safety of the food supply by addressing “the ongoing threat of unwanted trespassing and from unauthorized interactions with farm animals.

“The risks of these actions include exposing farm animals to stress and potential diseases, as well as the introducing contaminants into the food supply,” Harrop’s letter states.

Noting the bill was scheduled for a committee hearing on Feb. 24, councillor Judy Dirksen requested “a letter to be sent in immediately in support of that bill.”

Form letter

Dirksen said the town council could simply endorse a form letter supplied by the WFA as a show of support.

“The form letter is fine. I think the important part is seeing the Town of Minto letterhead,” said Dirksen.

A motion to send a letter in support of Bill 156 passed unopposed.

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