Town, developer agree on plans for extension of Palmerston street

MINTO – The town has come to an agreement with a local developer to extend Henry Street in Palmerston to accommodate a new multi-residential development. 

Developer Dan Sinclair and the town have agreed on a configuration of the road as designed by Triton Engineering. 

Terms of a servicing agreement were agreed upon by town staff and the developer, noted CAO Chris Harrow and chief building official Terry Kuipers in a report to council at the Oct. 1 meeting. An encroachment agreement will need to be entered into by both parties to complete the end of the road turnaround, as this portion is currently on the developer’s property, the report notes. A land trade with the developer to convey a portion of the Victoria Street road allowance at the back portion of the development to the developer in exchange for a portion of land at the front of the development which contains the cul-de-sac portion of the roadway, has been agreed to and will be completed later this year.

The project cost is estimated at $485,000. The developer’s portion, estimated at $325,000, includes roadwork and allocated portions of the water, wastewater and storm services. The town’s portion is $160,000, which recognizes the portions of the development which currently exist (proper servicing to the current developed properties), the portion of the water main and trail work extending through to Bell Street and fire suppression flow to the fire hydrants in the local area. The water main is being extended and connected to Bell St. to improve upon water quality and flows in the area.

Council received the report and approved the site servicing agreement with Sinclair and recommended staff proceed with the land swap of a portion of the Victoria Street road allowance for part of Sinclair’s lands in the area of the proposed road extension.

Later in the meeting the town approved awarding the tender for Henry Street Construction to Moorefield Excavating for a total cost of $328,820 excluding HST.

A staff report noted the project is not contained in the 2019 budget and the bulk of the work will not be completed until 2020.

Harrow’s report notes 11 new units fronting on Henry St. will be built immediately. 

“As well, in the near future we will be getting a unique private development off of the newly-constructed road. The area will give the town housing units it needs,” Harrow stated.

“This is a development that is sorely needed for the community, so I feel it’s a good compromise,” said Mayor George Bridge. “I think it’s just a great development and a good infill.”