Tender awarded for Badley Bridge

GUELPH – A Stratford-area firm has been awarded the tender for the replacement of the Badley Bridge on Metcalfe Street in Elora.

Looby Builders (Dublin) Limited was awarded the job for the tendered amount of $5,888,864, exclusive of HST. The company’s bid was the lowest of three submitted, with the highest bid coming in at just over $6.6 million.

“It’s very pleasing to be able recommend the acceptance of a tender that is very close to what was budgeted,” said councillor Andy Lennox, who chairs the roads committee.

A report from county purchasing and risk management services manager Mark Bolzon presented at the Sept. 26 council meeting indicates the project involves the removal of the existing main span truss and reinforced concrete tee beam approach spans and replacement with a new three span precast pre-stressed concrete box girder bridge.

The decision to replace the metal-frame structure met with considerable community opposition, despite plans to include such features as wider sidewalks, bike lanes and expanded observation decks overlooking the Grand River, as well limestone gateway piers and historic features paying homage to the current structure.

Public consultations were held in 2017 and further consultations held in 2019 due to continued community concerns.

“I just want to thank county engineer Don Kudo  for engaging the public in the process again and trying to work toward a solution of sorts for the community, so that this project could move forward,” commented councillor Mary Lloyd.

The work on the bridge will be completed in two stages, the report explains. During the first stage, the road and bridge will remain open while the temporary bridge construction access is installed, and pier footings and columns are constructed. During the second stage the road and bridge will be closed for the remainder of the work. Construction is scheduled to start this month. The bridge is expected to be closed between January and November, 2020 and project completion is anticipated in December.