Street dance gets green light at council

Odd as it seems, it is a decision that will not leave people dancing in the streets.
“It’s actually more of a ‘parking lot’ dance,” said Ar­thur Optimist Club member Tim Boggs, speaking of the club’s proposal for a Saturday dance as part of its 2008 Can­ada Day weekend celebrations.
They hope to use the parking lot of the Arthur community centre with a live band and a beer garden.
Boggs asked what “Ts need to be crossed and Is to be dotted … to make this happen.”
Boggs pointed out the service club has the manpower and Smart Serve certified people for the beer garden.
Mayor Mike Broomhead asked what plans are in place for security.
The event would have two entrances. The plan is to have two or three people at each en­trance and the group is contemplating contacting other local service groups for assistance.
If police are needed, they will be hired – as would any work to adhere to the township noise bylaw.
Broomhead said the event would qualify for exemption as a community festival. Council would still require a site plan, but he did not see anything that would delay the permission.