STARS funding reallocated to Working in Rural Wellington

Working in Rural Wellington is getting sponsorship from Wellington North Township for an event in Palmerston.

Rural townships have identified a need for a showcase of employment and training op­portunities in growing industries in rural Wellington.

The Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo, Wellington and Dufferin hopes that 25 employers and trainers will be present at this inaugural event which will have both workshops and exhibitor space open to children, youth and adults.

The event is slated for Oct. 28 from 6pm to 9pm at the Palmerston community centre.

Recently Wellington North’s economic development committee reviewed that information from the Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo, Wellington and Dufferin, which is putting together the event with the support of neighboring municipalities.

As a result Wellington North endorsed its economic development committee recommendation to council that the $1,000 in funds previously allocated in the EDC budget to sponsor the STARS (Saugeen Territory Awards of Recog­nition) in Business Awards be used for the municipality to become a presenting sponsor at the Working in Rural Well­ington event.

Champion found

Jim Taylor has stepped up to be the economic champion for the community improvement program.

All planning will take place this year so the funds required to move forward with  this program can be included in our 2011 EDC budget.

Economic Development Committee members sought

To this date, no applicants, but committee members are working on recruits.

Four possible candidates have been identified. Each committee member was asked to continue to recruit potential candidates.

“We’ll continue to search,” said Mayor Mike Broomhead.