Slow down, police plead after storm

Those who thought merely driving in the foul weather of last weekend should try to work in it, police officials are saying.

OPP Constable Jennifer Smith said Dec. 19 that the county OPP would like motor­ists to remember, winter is upon us and winter driving is here.

“Motorists need to change their driving habits,” Smith said. “It’s simple.  When you see snow, go slow”

Smith had other tips, too. she said people should listen to media reports on weather and road conditions, and: 

– Plan ahead. Give yourself extra time when weather and road conditions are poor;

– Leave extra space between you and the vehicle ahead;

– Allow more distance for braking, especially when ap­proaching stop signs;

– Allow for extra time and dis­tance for approaching vehi­cles when leaving a driveway or intersection; and

– When driving conditions are poor, keep conversation within the vehicle to a mini­mum and shut off the cell phone.  Drivers need to focus all their attention to their driving.

Smith added that for more information on winter road con­ditions, do not call the OPP. She said people should call the Ministry of Transportation at 1-800-268-4686 or go online at

Snow tires are recommended for winter driving by Trans­port Canada.