Seniors Crime Stoppers launched to protect elderly in county

Crime Stoppers here is working to keep seniors protected from scam artists, and is particularly interested in protecting older adults.

The senior population of Wellington County is growing at a rapid rate with demo­gra­phics indicating that by the year 2021, the population of seniors will equal that of the youth, at 19%.  Approximately 38% of the senior population liv­ing in Canada resides in Ontario. 

Past research has shown that elder abuse in Canada af­fects, at the very least, 4% of seniors. Recent statistics also indicate that the incidents of abuse may be grossly under re­ported and the actual victimi­zation may be much higher and closer to 10%. 

Elder abuse is separated into four categories: physical abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse, and neglect.

The abuser of an older adult may be anyone; including a friend, family member, care­giver, neighbour, or even a total stranger. 

Quite often people are aware that elder abuse is oc­curring and are hesitant to get involved.

In order to address that re­luctance to report abuse, Crime Stoppers has launched a Seniors Crime Stoppers initi­a­tive.

The Seniors Crime Stoppers initiative encourages members of the public to call their local Crime Stoppers program with information on crimes com­mitted against the elderly.

In addition, a professional DVD was produced and can be presented to various group. The DVD contains a compre­hen­sive explanation of how the Crime Stoppers program works and three vignettes depicting scenarios in which seniors are typically victimized by the criminal actions of others.

To report a crime against a senior, remain anonymous, and possibly receive a cash reward of up to $2,000 call Seniors Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). To have Crime Stoppers attend a group  meet­ing to talk about Seniors Crime Stoppers, call 519-846-5371.