Rec facility managers get cell phones

Cell phone use by recreation facility managers sparked discussion at council about overall use in the municipality.

Recreation director Linda Spahr asked for permission from the recreation committee to purchase cell phones for both facility managers.

Mayor Mike Broomhead thought the idea would be to look at overall cell phone use, but the motion before council was that both facility managers be given access to cell phones.

Councillor Dan Yake said at one meeting there was discussion of township-wide cell phone and pager use.

“I felt that we should look at our communication costs and if there was a way to address them,” he said.

Councillor Ross Chaulk said there have been a few instances where staff have not been able to get in touch with either facility manager.

While he understood the need to look at costs, “for the controversy we can avoid, by having cell phones … it’s a no brainer.”

Yake agreed with Chaulk’s reasoning, but believed in a review of the whole issue.

“With cell phones, if it’s a township phone, you become on call 24 hours a day.”

Broomhead said the township has no policy on when staff are required to respond.

“Some you can reach 24 hours a day, others you can’t get after specific times,” he said. Chaulk replied, “That shouldn’t preclude us from getting these guys phones.”

“But we should have some regulations when these phones are in use,” Broomhead said.

Clerk Lori Heinbuch noted the Bell Mobility plan does have limitations in regards to the number of minutes and no text messaging.

Council agreed to get the cell phones for the facility managers, while also agreeing to look into overall use.