Puslinch delays recreation fees

Puslinch Township is now holding off on implementing new user fees for local Sports organizations.

Clerk Brenda Law said the township’s recreation committee had proposed a fee of $10 per user per season to offset costs associated with running soccer, baseball and tennis facilities in Puslinch.

Law noted the township is one of the only – if not the only – municipalities in the county that currently does not charge such fees.

“I?know others do … we never have,” she told the Advertiser. “I?think [the committee] felt $10 wasn’t too onerous.”

But at least one group – the Puslinch Minor Soccer Club – is unhappy with the proposal.

“We didn’t feel it was reasonable,” said Lynn Weller, vice president of travel with the club.?She noted the committee proposed a $20 fee for users from outside of Puslinch.

Councillor Matthew Bul­mer, a member of the recreation committee, said the group decided to move the implementation date for the new fees to the fall to allow local recreation groups time to adjust.

Councillor Susan Fielding backed the decision, saying it is too late to change the fees this spring, considering minor soccer officials already had a number of kids registered to play this summer.

While he understands the decision, Bulmer said the local Sports groups are not alone in having to pay user fees.

“There are other groups that pay to use our facilities,” said Bulmer, mentioning the Pus­linch Optimist Club as an example.

Councillor Dick?Visser agreed, calling the proposed township fees “very modest.”

Weller said soccer officials will again be “questioning” the fees next year, although she stressed the club is not trying to start problems.

“We’re not trying to antagonize the situation,” she said. “It’s important to work together. At the end of the day we all want youths to be playing Sports in the township.”

Weller explained soccer club officials will be “doing some homework” and finding out what other municipalities charge local Sports organizations. The club is hopeful the township recreation committee will consider their research before making a final decision.

Law said any committee decision on the fees also has to be approved by council.