Preliminary talks on more outdoor concerts

Council in Wellington North is again considering a Richard Sharpe proposal for more outdoor concerts in Mount Forest.
Sharpe wrote on behalf of the Old Roxy The­atre, requesting permission to use municipal property bordering the Old Roxy to hold two weekend concerts. Although he submitted a list of several weekends between June and mid-Sep­tember, he said he intended to make use of one two weekends.
Each proposal en­compasses a three-day period, for set up, tear down, and clean-up.
“The Old Roxy Theatre will use only two of the proposed weekends with a further understanding that there will be no Sunday performances and the curfew will be strictly adhered to.”
Sharpe wrote, “I am submitting this request to council as the Old Roxy The­atre has received numerous inquiries from the public, local businesses, and artist representatives as to whether or not we were planning to produce and present these shows for a third year.”
When asked for a more specific time, Sharpe said he cannot confirm dates without know­ing the availability of various artists.
When Mayor Mike Broom­head asked if each event would be one or two days (Fridays both days), Sharpe said he could not guarantee they would not be two days. If they are, Sharpe said it would be a Friday night, and a Sat­urday.
Councillor Ross Chaulk brought up concerns last year about access to parking spots and complaints of porta-potties next to a resident’s property.
Sharpe said the individual lives in a duplex that has no access to the municipal parking spots where the event would be.
As to the issue of the porta-potties, Sharpe said he intends to remeasure the property once the snow melted, and he is considered shuffling the use of the site, but again offered no guarantee the site plan would be altered dramatically.
Broomhead said Sharpe will need to reconsider plans for 2009 as Wellington County is planning an addition to the Mount Forest library, and the area will be under construction.
Council agreed in principle to the proposal pending receipt of exact dates for the concerts to be held.