Police are sent extended thank you

Wellington County Councillor Ray Tout, a member of the county police services board, extended a thank you to county OPP officers who took part in the recent funeral to honour Guelph officer Jennifer Kovach, 26, who was killed when the cruiser she was driving to a call collided with a city transit bus.

The funeral attracted an estimated 6,000 police officers from across the country among them 57 Wellington County OPP officers.

“I want to thank them very much,” Tout told county councillors at their March 28 meeting. According to him the officers donated their time to attend and assist at the funeral.

On a related matter, Tout said OPP had received a letter of thanks from the family of Constable Rick Hopkins who had a bridge renamed in his honour last October recognizing his time as an OPP officer. Hopkins was killed in the line of duty during a call in Arthur in 1982.

Tout also told council preliminary talks have started on a new OPP contract prior to its renewal next year.

“We’re in the early stages,” he said.