Plenty of new programs being offered at county seniors’ home

Despite the cold weather, residents and staff of Welling­ton Terrace are keeping busy every day here at our home. 
We have many programs and services offered in each of our six neighbourhoods, as well as for residents throughout the Home in our Customer Service programs and events. 
Customer service programs are regularly scheduled activi­ties and events that are usually offered outside of the indivi­dual neighbourhood. Those activities and events are devel­oped to encourage the involve­ment and socialization of resi­dents throughout the home, and in doing so they promote a sense of community among residents.
All programs are open to fam­ily members and we en­cour­age family involvement and participation while visiting at Wellington Terrace. Some of the new programs being offer­ed for this winter season are: Yarns and Embers, on Sunday mornings – a great time to share stories; Celebrity Social, which highlights the lives of residents, on Monday afternoons; Name that Tune on Tuesday after­noons; Connecting with our Community, on Wednesdays, which offers an opportunity to go on an outing on our acces­sible van one week, enjoy visiting entertainers another week, and take pleasure from pets visits yet on another week.
We are also presenting a health and wellness program that covers several topics pertaining to a healthy lifestyle. It is offered on Thursdays.
Another program that pro­motes a healthy way of life is Happy Hikers, an informal walk throughout the home that happens on Fridays.
On Saturday mornings Coffee House takes place in the Riverside Café, and there is Brain Teasers in the afternoon, a mental aerobic activity.
We offer a wide range of programs and activities to pro­mote involvement and an op­por­tunity to share time with others.
One example of a neigh­bourhood program would be that of the twice monthly breakfast club with the Oak Glen and Birch Dale neigh­bourhoods. For one breakfast each month, some of the ladies of those neighbourhoods gather for breakfast, and the next break­fast club that same month some of the men are invited to join for a morning meal.
The program offers a great opportunity for residents to socialize, meet new people, and enjoy a tasty breakfast. A different group of residents is invited each month, to ensure all residents who enjoy that type of program are included.
The residents and staff of our the Apple Valley neigh­bourhood are pleased to announce that two residents from that neighbourhood have just recently turned 99, and there is one lady who recently turned 100 years young. 
A warm and tropical place is the Maple Ridge neigh­bour­hood’s destination this month, as they will be venturing to the Butterfly Conservatory to see the spectacular butterflies and enjoy the warm environment.  Their theme day this past month was Comfort Day, where they displayed their best pajamas for a day full of events that provided comfort to their souls.
The restorative care service is an addition to Well­ing­ton Ter­race, and it has been in place for one full year now. The program was created to provide residents with goal oriented re­activation programs, which include assistance with meals, fluid intake, and assistance with washing and grooming to promote independence.
Restora­tive care is a valu­able program for all residents to improve, increase or main­tain their independent abilities, by enhancing their quality of life and helping maintain in­dependence, dignity and func­tional abilities while enhancing self esteem and self worth.
As always, Wellington Ter­race welcomes new members to join its volunteer team. We offer a great number of volun­teer opportunities, and we are very flexible to accommodate people’s schedule. Contact Mary Black at 519-846-5359 extension 266, or by email at to sign on as a volunteer. 
For more information re­gard­ing programs and services of the life enrichment depart­ment, contact the manager, Colleen Cudney, at 519-846-5359, extension 236 or  email
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Compiled by Mary Black