Pandemic impacts fundraising efforts for planned BMX/Skateboard park in Arthur

WELLINGTON NORTH – The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting fundraising efforts for a planned BMX/Skatepark facility in Arthur.

Minutes of the June 10 Wellington North Arthur BMX/Skateboard Park Ad-hoc Advisory Committee meeting note Arthur Lions Club members have distributed fundraising packages to businesses and packages are to be handed out as businesses reopen.

“There is concern that businesses may not want to donate because of lost revenues due to the COVID pandemic; or that some businesses will close as a result of the related closure,” the minutes state.

Lions Club members plan to follow up “to convey a message that their situation is understood and ask if they could commit to a future donation.”

The report notes some fundraising opportunities have been lost, such as a planned golf tournament, fall fair and fundraising barbecues and it’s unclear if the annual craft sale can proceed in the fall.

“ Lions Club members will investigate the possibility of running chicken [barbecues] and how they could set up in a way that follows rules around the number of people allowed to gather,” the minutes state.

The Arthur Lions Club began fundraising for the park in June of 2018, with the goal of raising close to $200,000 and having the skateboard park open by 2022 in time for the village of Arthur’s 150th anniversary celebration.

Planning for the park has been put on hold for the time being, the meeting minutes indicate.

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