OPP urge drivers to watch for school buses, reduce speed in construction zones

Police are reminding motorists to be cognizant of school bus safety lights.

Over the course of the past few weeks, the OPP has received several reports of vehicles passing school buses while their flashing red lights were activated.

This act is punishable under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) and upon conviction the driver would face a fine ranging from $490 to $2,000, along with six demerit points.

There is also a provision that allows for the registered owner of the offending motor vehicle to be charged and, upon conviction, face a fine of $490.

Wellington County OPP officials would like to remind all motorists to watch for and stop for school buses with lights activated. Safety is a shared responsibility.

Local OPP officials also want to remind motorists to pay close attention to vehicle speeds in construction zones.

A construction zone is a clearly marked section of the roadway where some type of road, bridge or overpass repair is underway.

The construction zones are marked with signage as drivers enter and leave the designated zone. There may also be a flag person on duty at either end of the construction.

The safety of the workers in these zones is paramount, and as a result, fines are doubled.  If motorists are caught driving 30km/h or more over the posted speed in a construction zone, they will be required to attend court.