OPP reminds citizens to protect identification

As part of Fraud Prevention Month in March, the OPP Anti-Rackets Branch is stressing to everyone the importance of protecting all of their identity documents – and in particular their Ontario Health Card.

The Ontario Health Card contains important information about the card holder, and should be used only when the cardholder is accessing a medi­cal service at a clinic, hospital or doctor’s office. 

Fraudsters will frequently use the telephone to obtain private information for the purpose of committing fraud related crimes. Citizens should never give out personal infor­mation to others over the phone or internet, unless they know and trust the person. They should never give out their health card number over the phone. Criminals have been known to steal health cards to obtain medical services for which they are not entitled or to create a new identities to commit other frauds.

Anyone who thinks some­one has accessed their per­sonal information for the purpose of identity theft, should contact their local police or the Canadian anti-fraud call centre at 1-888-495-8501.