OPP on seatbelts: Click it or ticket

In 2007 on OPP patrolled roads; there were a total of 444 fatal collisions.

Of those collisions, 111 persons were killed because they were not wearing their seatbelt. In fact, the most likely cause of death for a person be­tween the age of 3 and 35 is a motor vehicle collision.

In 2008, as of Sept. 21, 225 people have died on OPP patrolled roadways. Of those collisions, 52 people or 23% have died in collisions where occupant restraints were not being used.

County OPP officers will be working especially hard over the next two weeks to make sure people buckle up.

OPP Constable Mark Cloes said that within Wellington County through 2007, the OPP investigated 2,240 collisions. Of those, 417 resulted in personal injury and 17 were fatal  crashes with a total of 18 deaths.  

Inspector Steve Walsh said, "Traffic safety in all its components; prevention, edu­ca­tion and enforcement is a core function of the county OPP. Our officers will continue to work hard to reduce these collisions, through increased enforcement."

The county OPP and  officers across the province began the seatbelt  initiative Oct. 1 until Oct. 12.

Officers will be focusing on all drivers, passengers as well as all child restraints.

The safest spot to be if you are in a collision is securely fastened in your seatbelt.

Cloes added the police expression for wearing a seatbelt is Click it or Ticket.