Number of public sector employees making over $100,000 on the rise

While lower paying jobs were lost by the thousands, the number of Ontario public sector employees making over $100,000 a year was on the rise again last year.

The total, up 26% over 2007, includes nine Wellington County and four Centre Wellington employees.

Also included locally are 95 school board employees, 14 from conservation authorities, 11 from the Community Care Access Centre, seven in the field of health care and promotion and seven from the Children’s Aid Society.

On March 31, the Ministry of Finance released the list of public sector employees who received a 2008 salary over $100,000 before taxes, as well as their total taxable benefits.

The annual list covers all public sector employers who receive a significant level of funding from the provincial government.

The goal of the legislation on which the list is based is to make the public sector more open and accountable, allow taxpayers to compare the performance of an organization with the compensation given to its employees and provide taxpayers with more details on how their tax dollars are spent.

The lengthy list of local members of the $100,000 club includes the following Wellington County employees:

– Bonnie Callen, county museum and Wellington Place administrator, $120,790;

– Gary Cousins, director of planning and development, $120,790;

– Janice Hindley, chief librarian, $120,790;

– Andrea Lawson, human resources administrator, $120,790;

– Craig Dyer, treasurer, $131,431;

–  Gord Ough, engineer, $131,431;

– Kim Warner, social services administrator, $131,431;

– Peter Barnes, administrator of the Wellington Terrace, $131,944; and

– Scott Wilson, chief administrative officer, $187,858.

Members of the $100,000 club in Centre Wellington include:

– Ken Elder, Director of Public Works, $103,763;

– Brad Patton, Fire Chief, $103,763;

– Wes Snarr, Treasurer, $104,751; and

– Michael Wood, Chief Administrative Officer, $128,879.

There are 31 Wellington Catholic District School Board employees in the club, with salaries ranging from $101,119 to $179,166 for Director Don Drone.

At $192,573, Director Martha Rogers tops the list of 64 Upper Grand District School Board employees making over $100,000.

Members from the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health Unit are:

– Lynn Beath, director, $106,038;

– Carole Desmeules, director, $106,108;

– Robert Thompson, director, $106,138;

– Wayne Orr, director, $110,687; and

– Nicola Mercer, acting medical officer of health and chief executive officer, $193,154.

Members in the health care field include:

– Joy Carriere, registered nurse, Groves Memorial Hospital, $100,777; and

– Jerome Quenneville, CEO, Groves Memorial Community Hospital/North Wellington Health Care Corporation,  $197,673.

The Grand River Conservation Authority has eight members, whose salaries range from $104,282 to $165,029 for CAO Paul Emerson. There are six Credit Valley Conservation Authority employees in the club, ranging from $104,852 to $141,636 for CAO Rae Horst.

Seven employees from the Children’s Aid Society of Guelph-Wellington earned more than $100,000 in 2008, with salaries ranging from $103,260 to $136,633 for executive director Daniel Moore.

The Waterloo Wellington Community Care Access Centre boasts 11 members, with salaries from $101,699 to $159,996 for Executive Director David Murray.

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