New committee to help build safe communities

The Wellington County OPP hosted the second annual Community Policing Conference at the county museum on Oct. 29.

Twenty-three people, representing each of the seven safe community committees (formerly COPs committees) in Wellington County attended.  Throughout the day they had an opportunity to learn about local crime concerns and community involvement.  

Each committee, in partnership with the Wellington County detachment of the OPP, is comprised of citizens who live or work in a local community. The purpose of the committee is to work towards the establishment of a healthy and safe community.  The committee works in a proactive, creative and innovative way to solve social order problems and establish strategies for the prevention of crime and resolution of identified issues.

When the concerns or problems have been identified, the committee will engage a number of community partners such as the police, health and social services, municipal or county departments and any other organization or group to combat the problem or concern.

The committee is designed to be an integral part of the problem solving process and ultimately to assist the community moving towards ever safer and more secure conditions – and when it gets there, helping it stay that way.

OPP Inspector Scott Smith said the Wellington County detachment of the OPP considers the safe community committees in Wellington County to be vital to effectively identify and communicate community issues and concerns.