Minto wary over proposal for conservation authorities

“Cutting funding to conservation authorities would be cutting our own throats,” said Minto Mayor David Anderson.
His comments came following council’s discussion of a recent resolution sent by the Municipality of Brockton. The resolution outlined concerns about inadequate funding for the auth­orities, which, in turn, affects those organizations in dealing with planning matters.
While many in Wellington County are familiar with the Grand River Conservation Authority, it is one of the two biggest in the province. Others have only a few employees.
Brockton either wants the province to restore funding to conservation authorities so that they can deal with water source planning issues, or allow muni­cipalities the option of opting out of traditional municipal lev­ies and be allowed to pursue other avenues for that planning information.
Minto councillor Larry Agla said that while he supports the concept of restoring funds to the conservation authorities, he questions Brock­ton’s suggestion of opting out of the funding process.
“Opting out of an under­fun­d­­ed agency would kill them,” Agla said.
Anderson said local municipalities do not have the funds to train others to do that work.