LCBO-run marijuana stores

Up in smoke

It’s a marijuana monopoly. At least that’s how some users and dispensaries are seeing the announcement that the provincial government plans to sell marijuana at government-run stores.

This is essentially killing the competition from some of the “innovative” dispensaries that have popped up in recent months.

For a government that says it is helping small businesses, this move is throwing entrepreneurship to the curb.

While people complain about it, we expect the high cost of alcohol at the LCBO. But there’s really no other way to get your favourite glass of chardonnay.

With marijuana, it’s different. The government is trying to legalize a substance that was illegal for decades, but available through shady methods. For those who want it – and may already be getting it – weed marked up from street value won’t fly.

Higher costs and killing small business will result in this cannabis venture going up in smoke.

– Olivia


Good decision

Ontario is on the search for locations to sell pot … once it becomes legal, of course.

The idea is to set up specific marijuana stores run by the LCBO across the province in strategic locations.

And why not? Sure we have stand-alone medicinal marijuana stores right now, but the client base will increase exponentially once pot becomes legal to the masses.

In Ontario we’re used to the LCBO. We understand its role and the role we play as customers.

Some may say that if cigarettes can be sold independently than so should marijuana. To those people I ask, “Which one impairs your decision making?”

Ding, ding, ding … that’s right, it’s cannabis, just like alcohol.

So I say good decision, Ontario. Stick with what you know and what your citizens know.

The LCBO already has processes in place to check IDs and monitor what customers are buying.

How difficult can it be to add pot to the mix?

– Jaime

Olivia Rutt and Jaime Myslik