KIPPelora Kneads Your Dough

 Kitchen in the Park Project (KIPPelora) is a group of local residents who are working together to install two wood-burning ovens to create  a community kitchen in Bissell Park. The Breakfast Bunwich fundraiser is one in a series of events that are part of the "KIPPelora Kneads Your 

Dough" campaign to get our community kitchen up and running.

Please join us for this fundraising breakfast on Saturday, May 29,10am to noon.  The breakfast location is behind The Elora Pottery and Gallery at 31 Church Street (at Metcalfe). We will be serving delicious,fresh-baked Breakfast Bunwiches, along with fair trade coffee and tea and fruit juice.

Chris Jess and his students at The Food School from CWDHS are on board and enthusiastic about community ovens. They will be using local Spent Brewery Grains for the dough and baking the buns fresh in the outside bread oven for these delicious Breakfast Bunwiches. There will also be a choice of local bacon, eggs, salsa, tomatoes and other delights to add to your bun.

Rain or shine, you still need breakfast at 31 Church St, The Elora Pottery and Gallery. Cost: $5 each Breakfast Bunwich.