Employee at Elora Brewing Company tests positive for COVID-19

ELORA – The Elora Brewing Company closed on May 20 after learning a staff member tested positive for COVID-19.

In a Facebook post, the company states it will reopen on May 21 after a thorough cleaning.

The post states the staff member is experiencing mild symptoms and is isolating for 10 days at the guidance of public health.

The staff person last worked at the brewery on May 17.

“Through consultation with WDG Public Health, it has been determined that the majority of staff on-site that day are considered low risk. Two others were deemed to be in close contact and will be isolating for the next 14 days,” the post reads.

“Guests who visited the brewery on Tuesday are also deemed to be low risk.”

The company will be offering contactless deliveries with a driver who has not been in proximity to the ill employee.

However, “if you placed an order and feel uncomfortable receiving your delivery, please contact us. The safety of our staff and community are of utmost importance to us,” the post continues.

“As always, we will work to ensure a safe environment for everyone to limit the spread of COVID.”