Darcy’s 3-pitch tournament endorsed by council

Darcy’s 14th annual 3-pitch tournament July 30 and 31 is again designated as a community event by Wellington North councillors.

Twyla Hunter, again acting as Darcy Culp’s advocate, wrote to council on behalf of Culp and the Arthur Merchants Fastball Association.

“For the past 13 years, Darcy has hosted (with assistance) his annual 3-pitch tournament,” Hunter said.

She noted that she and the Arthur Merchants have assisted Culp during that time. Hunter said the tournament generally involves 16 men’s teams and 12 mixed teams. Each year, a different orga­nization is approached to um­pire.

Hunter explained  merchants bartend, provide security and assist in various aspects of the tournament.

Meanwhile, Hunter and Roger Deming provide supervision, fee collection, scheduling of umpires (providing training where needed), bartenders and security.

“Darcy donates all monies raised after expenses back into the community. I’m proud to say that over the 13 years, Darcy has donated thousands of dollars to various community organizations.”

Last year, funds from the tournament supported minor hockey, softball, lacrosse, the men’s fastball league and the Grand Valley midget boy’s softball team.

While Hunter requested the tournament be declared a community event indefinitely, that is something the township cannot do.

CAO-Clerk Lori Heinbuch explained that legally, the designation is something that must be done annually.

Councillors though, had no issue with once again offering support by declaring the tournament a community event.