Crime Stoppers celebrates 20 years; and warns of scam

Crime Stoppers is celebrating 20 years in Wellington County.

The first Canadian Crime Stoppers program was initiated in Calgary in 1982, and the first Ontario program began in Ham­ilton, in 1984. Crime Stoppers of Wellington County was established in May 1988, and since that time has it has assisted in recovering $25,444,755 in illicit drugs and stolen property and has autho­rized over $112,000 in cash rewards for tips about crimes

Crime Stoppers has led to:

– arrests, 1,219;

– charges laid 3,270;

– cases cleared, 2,004;

– narcotics seized $15.75-million; and

– property recovered at $9,695,163.

The total value of the final two is $25,444,755

When people call Crime Stoppers, they will never be asked to give their name, never have to testify in court, and if their information leads to an arrest or a closed case, they may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $2,000.

To reach Crime Stoppers, for Guelph and Wellington County, call 1-800-222 TIPS (8477).

Scam warning

Crime Stoppers is warning people to be aware of potential deceptive telemarketing and door-to-door sales scams.

It also warns that it is estimated that over 60% of the abuse inflicted upon older adults throughout the commu­nity is financial abuse.

How to recognize a scam:

– It sounds too good to be true or having to pay up front to win.

– Being asked to provide personal financial information, cash, or a money order to claim a prize.

– The offer is presented as a limited opportunity and there is a need to act immediately or miss the prize.

– The person on the phone claims to be a police agency and is asking for money. (Note: The police do not solicit funds for any charities over the phone.)

– When selling something, the buyer pays more than the selling price and asks for the seller to wire back the difference.

Crime Stoppers reminds everyone that fraud has no geographical boundaries and new frauds and schemes are constantly surfacing. Exercise the buyer beware philosophy and protect all personal infor­mation at all times. Prevention is the key to not becoming a victim.