County provides $43,000 for Puslinch trail project

GUELPH – The Township of Puslinch will use its remaining allotment from the County of Wellington’s trail funding program to support the construction of 400 metres of trail as part of Fox Run Park.

Established in 2015 the county’s trail program provides matching funds up to $50,000 per member municipality to be applied to one or more municipally-endorsed trail projects and matched by the municipality or community groups.

In 2017 Puslinch received $6,596 for the Puslinch Community Centre Park.

The funding for the program ends on Nov. 30.

At the Oct. 31 meeting, Wellington County council approved an administration committee recommendation to provide $43,403 to Puslinch to assist with plans to install 400 metres of crushed stone trail within Fox Run Park.

Staff report

A staff report at the Oct. 3 committee meeting indicates the project has been released for tender with the intent to complete construction by Nov. 30.