County council approves bylaw authorizing OPP hirings, vehicle

WELLINGTON COUNTY – The local OPP detachment will soon be getting some additional staffing and a new vehicle.

Wellington County council authorized an agreement with the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services to increase the level of service provided by Ontario Provincial Police with the addition of a special constable and a detachment administrative clerk, as well as an unmarked police vehicle through enhancement of the current Wellington County OPP contract.

The agreement was authorized in a bylaw passed at the June 25 county council meeting.

Councillor Mary Lloyd questioned the process for approving the bylaw

“I find it kind of disconcerting that there’s no recognition of that discussion that would have gone on, I’m sure, at the police services board inside their minutes,” Lloyd stated.

“Is this consistent with how things like that will come forward because I wasn’t aware that this was going to happen until I read the bylaws.”

Treasurer Ken DeHart explained the new hires and vehicle were approved by the county during the budget process earlier this year.

“I know the inspector has been working with the OPP on these hirings and there’s a separate process that he needs to go through on his end,” explained DeHart.

“So this was something that needed to be passed to provide authorization to the OPP to make these hires so it was dealt with in the budget process and it’s really an OPP process at this time.”

Clerk Donna Bryce noted a motion approving the moves went through police services board in November and was later approved by council.

Bryce explained the lag between approval and passage of the bylaw “was just a matter of time for the OPP to sort out their agreement.”

“I guess my memory is short from November to now and maybe a little reminder would have been great to have had inside the police services board to help not cause questions,” said Lloyd.