Councillor concerned that rushing grant work may mean second rate job

Works committee chairman Dan Yake is concerned with the project schedule attached to certain infrastructure funds.

Specifically, those concerns centre around the reconstruction of Egremont Street in Mount Forest, which must now be completed by fall of 2010.

Works Superintendent Gary Williamson said, “What that means is March 2011, but the township will have to put the top coat of asphalt in place in 2010, or not be eligible.”

He said when the municipality is doing roadwork, it typically likes to let the base coat sit a year to let it settle – and then put the top coat on, but, “They’re not going to let us do that.”

Williamson said Wellington North is not the only municipality in this situation.

Mayor Mike Broomhead said council can work to see if that schedule can be changed. Yake said it appears the upper levels of government are spending millions of dollars on infrastructure.

“But if they’re just throwing the money out there to get it done as quickly as possible … and it doesn’t matter if it’s done right.”

He suggested if Wellington North was paying for the job itself, it would pave it, and let the first coat sit.

“Sometimes it’s longer than we hope, but at least it give it an opportunity to settle … and do what it needs to do … before putting on the second lift on.

“Sometimes it’s a year; sometimes it’s two. But when it is done, it’s done right, and it’s going to last for a long time. Here, we’ve got the higher levels of government saying [the work] has to be done by this time.”

He said it was a poor way of doing the job.

Under this criteria, he said other municipalities will also be rushing to get jobs done. “If things are rushed, they may not get done right. We’re trying to find a way to address it.”

He said Wellington North may need to address the matter with its MP and MPP.

Yake suggested imposing that type of deadline, “is really a backwards way of doing things.”

Mayor Mike Broomhead remained confident once the municipality has a chance to explain the matter, a solution can be reached.

Yake said “If we can get it changed, that would be great.”

He believes other municipalities would also support that change.

Councillor Ross Chaulk said if the deadline does not change, there are going to be a number of spots were the pavement will lift, water will get in and freeze over the winter.

Yake said it is just a concern because of the money that is involved, “But you’re being forced to do a second-rate job.”

The tenders require the work to be completed by Sept. 30, 2010 with the exception of the final lift of asphalt, which must be in place by Oct. 29, 2010.

Council later awarded the tender of the project to Reeves Construction, of Mount Forest for its low bid of $2,597,509.

Part of that work includes full reconstruction of Egremont Street from Durham to Queen Street, including new services to property lines and provision of storm services for all lots.

The exception to that is the trunk storm sewer from King to Al­bert Streets, which will be left as it is.

Sidewalks would be re­plac­ed on the east side of Egremont Street, and a new trunk storm sewer will go in on Bir­ming­ham Street, from Egremont to Fergus Street.

That storm sewer would continue down Fergus Street to connect to an existing storm sewer.

Broomhead said Reeves Construction was the low bid by quite a bit.

Bids ranged from $2,597,509 to $3,463,637.