Council increases sports field rental fees, interment fees, Saturday funeral fees

Guelph-Eramosa council briefs

BRUCEDALE – Guelph-Eramosa council approved a new fees and charges bylaw on Dec. 17 for various parks and recreation services.

The township decided not to change rental fees for community centres and also chose a 0% increase in fees for the Royal Distributing Athletic Performance Centre in Marden.

Similarly, council decided to maintain current fees for municipal parks and recreation programs.

The cost to maintain sports fields exceeds revenues, with the exception of the Marden outdoor field, said parks and recreation director Robin Milne.

Council approved a 2.2% inflation increase for sports field rentals.

For municipal cemeteries, the fees have been increased by 2.2%. In addition, the fees for a full size adult interment and the Saturday surcharge were both increased by $250 to “reflect the actual cost of providing this service,” Milne said in his report. The interment fee will be $1,390 and the Saturday surcharge will be $750.  The parkland dedication fee will be increased by 5.2% to reflect the Statistics Canada Construction Price Index in the third quarter of 2018. Another option is for people to pay 5% of the value of the land.

Consent application

Guelph-Eramosa council has supported a lot addition.

The proposal is to sever 0.1 hectares of vacant agricultural land, which has 9.2m of frontage at 5349 3rd Line and add it to 0.4 hectares of abutting agricultural land addressed as 5351 3rd Line.

The retained parcel will be a 0.5 hectares of vacant agricultural land with 31m of frontage and access to 3rd Line.

“A residential dwelling is located on the benefitting land,” planning consultant Rachel Martin wrote in a report to council.

“The lot addition will provide for additional buffering between the existing dwelling at 5351 3rd Line and the adjacent parcel.”

Acting mayor

Guelph-Eramosa council has named Corey Woods acting mayor. The duties will include:

– attending an event on behalf of the mayor and the township;

– chairing a council or committee meeting;

– serving as signatory on documents; and

– acting as alternate in an event of an emergency.

Closed meeting investigator

Council has once again appointed John Maddox as the township’s closed meeting investigator for the four-year term. His appointment began on Dec. 1.

Maddox has been Wellington County’s meeting investigator since 2016. He is also the investigator for five other member municipalities: Minto, Erin, Centre Wellington, Puslinch and Wellington North.

Wellington County pays Maddox an annual retainer of $1,000 as well as an additional $300 for each member municipality.

In the event of an investigation, an hourly fee of $150 will be charged to the municipality where the investigation is taking place. Expenses will also be reimbursed.

Council appointments

The following councillors have been appointed to external committees/projects:

– East Wellington Community Services Liaison: Louise Marshall;

– Green Legacy: Louise Marshall;

– County of Wellington Municipal Economic Development Committee: Corey Woods; and

– Wellington Waterloo Community Futures: Chris White.

Council also appointed people to legislated committees and position for the council term.

Fence viewers, responsible for resolving line fence disputes between adjoining properties, are Jim Machen, Bob Chapman and Trevor Barton.

Heritage committee appointees are Dot Daynard, Joyce Blyth and Gordon Carothers.

The poundkeeper, who investigates any large animal and farm livestock (other than dogs) at large, is Jim Machen.

The livestock valuer, who investigates claims of damage to livestock caused by wildlife, is Steven Weir.

The tile drainage inspector/drainage superintendent is Gerd Uderstadt.